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The Local
Medi-Cal Program

Welcome to CalViva Health, a locally managed public health care plan that operates under the Medi-Cal Managed Care Program. CalViva Health offers support to members, providers and residents of our local communities.

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Important Information for our Members

Our Mission

Starting April 1, 2021
use your Medi-Cal Benefits
Identification Card (BIC)
when you go to the pharmacy.

Call 1-800-977-2273
TTY 711 or visit
Medi-Cal Rx to learn more.

Coronavirus Disease 2019

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Call our Nurse Advice Line
1-888-893-1569 TTY 711
or visit the California for
All COVID19 website at
https://covid19.ca.gov for
the latest information.

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We are Here to Help!

If you need help making an appointment call us. Please see Timely Access or Travel Time and Distance located here for more information.