Wellness Programs

Care Connections – Get Comfort and Support

Care Connections is a FREE program for members who face a serious progressive illness, such as cancer, liver disease, AIDS, or COPD. We work with you, your family and your current doctors to help you manage your pain and symptoms. Best of all, Care Connections is part of your health plan – there’s no extra cost. Ask your doctor if a referral to this program is right for you (Health Plan approval is required). For more information call +1.818.676.6441 TTY 711.

MyStrength – The Health Club for Your Mind

We all struggle with our moods at times. Anxious or depressive thoughts can weigh us down. Some of us may struggle with drugs or alcohol. Seeking help and focusing on your mental health is important.

MyStrength is safe and secure—just for you. It offers personalized resources to improve your mood. Learning to use myStrength’s tools can help overcome the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse.

Sign up today: Enter “http://www.MyStrength.com/calviva” in your web browser Click “Sign up.”

Complete the myStrength sign-up process with a brief Wellness Assessment and personal profile.

Go Mobile! After setting up an online account, download the myStrength app for iOS and Android devices and register using the same email and password.

CalViva Health Pregnancy Program

CalViva Health is here to help our members have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. In addition to prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) health care services, members have access to the resources listed below.

  • Free healthy pregnancy education packet Get packets with information about nutrition, exercise and health exams during pregnancy, and tips to care for your newborn.
  • Nurse Advice Line Speak to a nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you have a health question or concern.
  • Nurse Case Management A CalViva Health nurse will work with members who have high-risk pregnancies to ensure the best possible outcome.

To join the CalViva Health Pregnancy Program, call Member Services at +1-888-893-1569 TTY 711.

Fit Families for Life – Be In Charge!SM Weight Control Programs

CalViva Health’s Health Education Department offers the following weight control programs to CalViva Health members at no cost. They are designed to help you and your family be at a healthy weight.

Fit Families for Life – Home Edition This is a five-week family program for your home. It will teach you how to make better food choices and how to exercise more. The program workbook is in English and Spanish and covers many topics. They include:

  • How to read a nutrition facts label
  • Tips for adding fruits and veggies to your meals
  • Tips for eating out
  • Exercise and much more

You will also receive a healthy recipe cookbook, an exercise DVD and a stretch band. With the DVD, your family can do standing, chair and floor exercises for 10 minutes at a time.

Healthy Habits for Healthy People – The Healthy Habits for Healthy People resource guides older adults in eating healthy and being active. Topics include important dietary nutrients, tips to address eating problems, cooking and shopping when limitations are present, exercise, and much more. Members receive a booklet, DVD, exercise stretch band and a healthy recipe cookbook.

Be In Charge!SM Asthma and Be In Charge!SM Diabetes Disease Management Programs

CalViva Health offers these programs to help you manage your asthma or diabetes.

  • You may get educational materials and tips to help you stay healthy.
  • You may speak with a nurse to ask questions on medicines, nutrition and screening test to control your asthma.

If you have asthma or diabetes, CalViva Health will invite you to join the program. Call Member Services at 1.888.893.1569 TTY 711 to enroll if you have not heard from us.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is an evidence-based lifestyle change program. It is designed to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes among individuals diagnosed with prediabetes. The program lasts one year. It can last for a second year for members who qualify. The program-approved lifestyle supports and techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a peer coach
  • Teaching self-monitoring and problem solving
  • Providing encouragement and feedback
  • Providing informational materials to support goals
  • Tracking routine weigh-ins to help accomplish goals

Members must meet program eligibility requirements to join DPP. Call CalViva Health to learn more about the program and eligibility.

Kick It California – Stop Smoking Program

Kick It California (formerly known as the California Smokers’ Helpline) is a no cost stop smoking and vaping program for CalViva Health members of all ages.  This program can double your chance of quitting for good. Kick It California offers:

  • Customized one-on-one coaching with a quit coach over the phone in 6 languages.
  • Texting program for smoking or vaping in English or Spanish.
  • Chat option with a quit coach for online support.
  • Mobile apps to help you quit.
  • Education materials on how to stop smoking for you, a friend or family member.
  • Information on how to get nicotine patches and other medications.

To enroll, please call Kick It California directly at 1-800-300-8086. For services in Spanish, call 1-800-600-8191. You can also enroll online at www.kickitca.org. Quit coaches are available Monday – Friday, 7a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.