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Building a new home for the Marjaree Mason Center

CalViva Health is proud to support the groundbreaking of Marjaree Mason Center’s new Isnardi Foundation Community Resource Center. The groundbreaking marked a historic step forward in enhancing the support for survivors of domestic violence in Fresno County. With a 37,680 square foot facility, the new center will double the current physical service capacity, offering comprehensive non-residential services such as a 24/7 crisis response hotline, mental health services, a children’s enrichment center, and much more. This expansion is crucial for meeting the growing needs of our community and ensuring safe, accessible support for all. We celebrate the Marjaree Mason Center’s dedication to creating a space that will serve as a beacon of hope and healing. For more details on this landmark event and the center’s future impact, read the full press release here: Set to open in December 2024, we look forward to seeing the positive changes it will bring to our community.